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01 8477774 / 0861668906

Central Heating and Petrol Garden Machinery Services. 

Over 25 years experience.

Oil and Gas Boiler Service, Repair, Installation & Power Flushing, all work carried out by the Owner Shane Keane. Shane carries out all repairs to your central heating system. 9am - 5pm call out hours, please send a text to 0861668906 if an emergency. 


We now have a range of Petrol Lawnmowers and Garden Machinery, some are pre assembled with fuel and Oil in ready to use and go home with. Phone Elayne for more information. 0861668906


This website is under construction for tool hire and sales.

Lawnmower Workshop in Baldoyle Opening Hours (this can change) (advised to phone in advance)

I am most likely in Baldoyle before 11pm on certain days please feel free to phone to see if I am there.

These hours are not to do with the central heating (Central Heating Hours 9am - 5pm)

Lawnmower Workshop Hours Sun     Closed

Lawnmower Workshop Hours Mon     Closed

Lawnmower Workshop Hours Tue     11pm - 3pm

Lawnmower Workshop Hours Wed    11pm - 3pm

Lawnmower Workshop Hours Thurs  11pm - 3pm

Lawnmower Workshop Hours Fri       11pm - 3pm

Lawnmower Workshop Hours Sat      10am-12pm 

Central Heating Call Out Hours 9am - 5pm (after hours genuine emergency calls only please phone or text 0861668906)

The phone is very busy and I am not getting to answer all calls at the moment so my appologies. 


We have a selection of Petrol Lawnmowers from 16" - 21" fully assembled with fuel and oil in ready to walk away with today and use.

We have Husqvarna Manual Push Lawnmowers fully assembled ready to use also.

All our Lawnmowers have spare parts available for both the Briggs and Stratton Engine and the Lawnmower itself unlike most on the market today.

The phone is very busy and I am not getting to answer all calls at the moment so my appologies. 


We are now selling a wide range of Garden Machinery online and instore.

We can assemble machines and put fuel and oil in ready to use and take away.

Lawnmower Collection and Delivery Available

Petrol Lawnmower Service   €50

Push Lawnmower Service    

Sharpen on Blades               

Sharpen of Shears               

Sharpen of Chainsaw blade 



Petrol Lawnmowers Service, Repair and Sales 

Sharpening of Shears and Push Lawnmowers

Collection and Delivery of your petrol lawnmower available

Oil Boiler and Burner Service, Repair and Installation, all plumbing for your central heating.

Gas Boiler Service, Repair and Installation.

Power Flushing of your central heating system

Hire of Domestic machines and tools.

Refill Gas Bottles Butane only €25.

Sales of Petrol Push and Self Drive Walk Behind Lawnmowers

Sales of Ride-ons and Tractor Mowers,  ( Fully assembled, with petrol and oil, ready to use delivered straight to your home). 

We also Service and Repair your Ride-Ons at your own home.

Sales of Chainsaws, Strimmers, Hedgetrimmers, Blowers/Vac etc....

Sales of Manual  Push Lawnmowers

All our sales have spare parts available for every part of your machine unlike most on the market today. This saves you a lot money if you damage your machine.

RGI Registered Family Run Business

No Electric Machines can be taken in at the moment, sorry for any inconvience. 


K & D Services are based in Baldoyle Dublin 13, we are a family run business with over 25 years’ experience in the repair and servicing of Oil and Gas Boilers and Petrol Lawnmowers. We provide a friendly, reliable service that offers great value for money. Our extensive range of repairs and servicing ensure the functionality and long life of your vital household and commercial products.

We specialise in the service and repair of all petrol lawnmowers / ride on lawnmowers. Servicing your garden machinery regularly will not only improve the performance of the machine but it will also prolong the lifespan. Saving you time and money in the long run. While we service/repair you machinery we can rent you a standby machine if needs be. Call us for details!


If you have any queries please contact us today and we will assist you in any way we can.