Carbon Monoxide Protection

K & D Services can supply and fit a carbon monoxide alarm in your home for just €50, including VAT. Choosing to install a carbon monoxide alarm could save your life. Carbon Monoxide is a poisonous gas that is odourless and colourless. Hence it can be impossible to detect since you can’t see, smell or taste it. It is sometimes referred to as the “Silent Killer”.
You and your family could be in danger of Carbon Monoxide poisoning if unsafe amounts of Carbon Monoxide accumulates in the home environment. Such accumulation can occur as a result of any of the below factors:

  • Heating appliances that are damaged or not functioning correctly
  • Using cooking appliances for heating purposes
  • Poorly maintained heating appliances that haven’t been serviced
  • Chimneys of flues that have been blocked
  • Improper room ventilation
  • Using a barbeque or outdoor heater indoors
  • Home projects, renovations or extensions that decrease ventilation
  • Heating appliances that are poorly installed or being used incorrectly

K & D Services can expertly install a Carbon Monoxide alarm in your home, offering you peace of mind that any dangerous accumulations of carbon monoxide can be detected. Along with regular maintenance and servicing of your appliances, a Carbon Monoxide alarm could save your life.